Here are some real-world configuration examples for BossTDS. It can be helpful to look at the examples given here to see how and what you could do with the BossTDS traffic management system. If you have any further questions please contact our support.

Login/password for demo TDS: boss:bossadmin

  • Administration basics BossTDS administration

    This short article will teach you basics of BossTDS administration, such as how to start it, stop, backup and restore database.

  • Sequential traffic filtering An example on sequential OUT urls

    In this example you'll see how to use a scheme with sequential traffic distribution. We will redirect mobile traffic to one page, and all the rest traffic to other pages.

  • Simple weighted distribution An example on weight OUT Urls

    In this example you'll see how to distribute traffic randomly using a scheme with weight OUT urls. We will redirect traffic to a random page.

  • Unique visitors Make unique hits from non-unique

    This example will show you how to turn repeated hits into unique hits. Repeated hits usually way cheaper than unique ones when you, for example, sell traffic.

  • The Rules Example on available rules

    In this example you'll see all the available rules. What are they and how they work.

  • Traffic selling how to sell exact number of hits

    This example shows how to sell exact number of hits from given countries to buyers of your traffic.

  • Redirect to other schemes How to do fast internal redirects

    Sometimes you might need some complex redirection logic that cannot be achieved within just one scheme. In such cases you can chain traffic from one scheme to another. See how you can do this.

  • Variables and transformations How to create and use variables

    This example shows basics on how to use and create variables and transformations. You may need this if you're going to extract, for example, keywords from SERP referers or use query GET parameters in reports or redirections.
    Also you will see how to use variables in the custom reports.

  • Ad serving Display ads on your sites

    In this example you'll see how to display and rotate targeted ads on your site. We will do this using javascript and JSONP responses.

  • Nginx: TDS on multiple domains, no 'in' prefix Nginx: TDS on multiple domains, no 'in' prefix

    This is an example on how to setup the TDS with following reuirements: Setup the TDS with the TDS control panel one one domain, actual redirections on another domains and instead of use Both client and standard redirects should work.
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