BossTDS Traffic Distribution System What is it?

The TDS is an advanced self-hosted redirection script. It allows you to split your traffic by request parameters, to manage your web traffic efficiently, to achive higher revenue for the same traffic. TDS is your traffic hub. You set the rules, send your traffic to your TDS and the TDS makes a decision according to your rules - how and where to redirect your traffic. TDS is an indispensable tool for any serious internet marketer/seo specialist who cares about his traffic and wants to squeeze the most off it. If you have any decent amount of traffic the TDS recoups its' cost very quickly.
In the table below we listed some of the features which TDS can offer to you. This list might be neither exhaustive, as new features are getting added all the time by requests of the customers and this page lags behind the changes, nor 100% correct, as sometimes we have to remove some features after changes in browsers and SE logic. It is always better to install the free trial and check everything yourself, with the help of our support in the case you need it. Or just ask the support when you need something in particular.

Filters Which filters are available?

Uniques Unique visitors

Allows you to send visitors to each URL only once per given time. You can choose how to track visitors - by IP or by Cookie.

3G Detect 3G/WiFi traffic

Split your mobile traffic to 3G traffic and WiFi traffic.
You may choose exact cellular carriers you care for and ignore other.

GET parameters Values of GET parameters

Filter by request query GET parameters - check if a parameter equals to, not equals, matches regexp, less or greater than a given value.

Device Device type and OS

Detect and filter by Device type (PC, Mobile, Tool, Bot...), by OS, by Browser, by OS/Browser manufacturer and engine.

Proxy Detect proxies

Detect proxies and extract real IP when it is possible. Gracefully process corporate proxies when the real user IP falls in reserved (such as 192.168.x.x) ranges.

Referer Empty referer

Detect empty referer, which usually means typein or bookmark hit, or a bot.

IP IPs and IP Ranges

Check if client IP is found in a list of IP ranges. This function is optimized for speed and allows fast processing of tens of thousands IP ranges without much slowdown.

GeoIP Countries and Cities of visitors

Filter by countries, configurable country groups and cities. Choose which IP to use to extract the country - proxy (if proxy presents) or the real IP.

Locale Locale of client browser

Filter by locale of client browser (configured languages). Choose which languages to check - all or just primary.

Cookies Cookies capability

Detect if client accept cookies, to filter out simple bots and scrapers.

HTTP Headers HTTP request headers

Check if HTTP request header with given name matches or not matches given regular expression (or just contains a given value).

Limits Limits on traffic

Set limits on traffic - how much hits you want to send to each of your pages per hour/per day/total/. Set limits by hours of days of week.

Client Client capabilities

Detect if client supports javascript, flash, if the URL opened in a frame, Browser window dimensions and a few other properties.

MIDP MIDP (J2ME) support

Check if client supports J2ME (MIDP standard) and the version of MIDP standard.

Sequence Sequence

Check if client already was redirected to some of the URLs (extremely useful for cloaking paid traffic).

GeoIP2 Connection Type Cellular, Dialup etc

Needs paid MaxMind GeoIP2 Connection Types database. Detects connection type by IP.

GeoIP2 ISP Exact ISPs

Needs paid MaxMind GeoIP2 ISP database. Detects ISP by IP, allows filtering by ISP name.

IP2Location ISPs, Mobile brand, usage, speed

Needs paid IP2Location database. Detects ISPs, Net speed, Mobile brand and Usage type by IP, allows filtering by these fields.

Other features The features of the TDS

  • Rotate pages - randomly or semi-randomly (repeated visitors are sent each time to a new page). Choose between two modes - Weighted (rotation according to the given weight of each page) or Sequential which works as a multi-level sieve according to the attached filters (rules) and the order of each page.
  • Have unlimited (within reasnable limits) traffic redirection schemes (you may think of them as campaigns). Have unlimited (again, within reasonable limits) target pages in each of such scheme. Assign unlimited filters to each of target page.
  • Monitor a given page somewhere on the web and disable redirection to some of your URLs when the page is not available or when it contains/not contains a given text.
  • Get the URL to redirect to from another remote service.
  • Forces: temporarily increase or decrease priority of pages according to a schedule. Choose days of week, time interval, maximum hits to send before the force expires, priority at the beginning of time interval and at the end. Useful when you need to burst traffic to a low priority page at some exact hours and days.
  • Dynamicaly transform target URLs. Insert into the URL values of request query GET parameters, values of HTTP headers, random values, values randomly chosen from a list of variants or just some constant values. Transform values before appending - extract search engine, keyword, domain from query GET parameter/HTTP header and use this variable in URL or in reports.
  • Assign filters to each of your target pages and/or to each scheme.
  • Cascade internal (fast) redirects from one scheme to another.
  • Redirect by standard 302 redirect, open target page in iframe, redirect by META REFRESH, redirect by form submit, by javascript window.location or by javascript link click. Or just return some data as a response in HTML, JSON or JSONP format.
    Have full access to the response HTTP headers, code and data and construct your own sophisticated javascript cloakers by yourself with a little bit of javascript knownedge.
    Redirect via .swf files with on the fly injection of the URL into the flash file.
  • Realtime reports and statistics. Check how many hits (by day or by hour) you received and how many hits were sent to each of your target pages. Check how many requests were from proxies, with empty referer and how many unique and non-unique hits were sent to your TDS.
    Create your own reports with whatever request data you want to save.
  • Make some of your report public, with day and URL granularity to show them to the buyers of your traffic.
  • API. Use the TDS server-side from your own scripts with the help of supplied PHP and Python classes.
  • Detect Hola VPN plugin; Use WebRTC to detect real and local IPs when possible;
  • Automatic import of IP Lists from bSeolized and other sources in a few different formats.
  • Send live data to Kafka and RabbitMQ message brokers.
  • Integrate the TDS in your own software using REST-like data manipulation API.

What else? What else to say?

  • BossTDS is very fast. Unlike most other products on the market it can process millions hits a day on modest hardware, such as cheap 512Mb RAM VPS'. It fully utilises multicore hardware and has good balance between disk i/o, memory consumption and CPU time. On a cheap 512Mb VPS (common price is less than $5/month) you might expect it to process up to a few million hits per day, 50-100 requests per second. The short test on localhost (Core i7 4700MQ 4 cores/8 threads 8G RAM, SSD) shows that the TDS can process more than 3000 hits per second with sub-second response time. Realistically speaking, 20-50 millions hits per day, 300-500 hits per second on a decent server with multicore CPU should be possible. Customers reported of successfully and continuously processing over 100 millions hits/day on the commodity hardware with no traffic losses, though sending such big streams of traffic through one server depends on many "if's" and "but's" and is not recommended; if the TDS can process such traffic or not would depend on the complexity of your schemes.
  • The TDS does not use any SQL databases - so it works faster and allows you to backup your data just by copying files. Moreover, the TDS has its own built-in web server so the TDS can work on a bare VPS without Apache or Nginx.
  • Zero maintenance. The TDS won't slow down much over time, you don't need to purge old data - TDS does it itself.
  • Simple installation - packages (.deb and .rpm) are available for most popular Linux distros. Upgrade is easy - just install the new version over the old one.
    No need to install and configure such tools as Memcached, Redis, PHP accelerators etc, the TDS does everything these tools could offer on it's own. A VPS or dedicated server is required though, as the TDS won't run on a shared hosting.
  • Many ways to use the TDS, such as:
    • Buy traffic and control traffic quality, separate mixed traffic and send it to different landing pages according to your rules and request parameters;
    • Sell traffic and control how many and which hits you want to send to each of your buyer;
    • Convert your repeated (non-unique) visitors into unique ones by redirecting them to different affiliate/PPC networks each time;
    • Rotate ads. Target ads by any of the filters mentioned and not yet mentioned above on this page;
    • Gather invaluable statistics on your visitors. Collect keywords if they are supplied by your traffic source in the request query;
    • Check if your target site is available and if not, redirect visitors to another site;
    • Integrate the TDS in your own scripts via API;
    • Easy way to control your affiliate links, especially when you have many traffic-generation sites. Switch your sponsors on your whim;
    • Hide your traffic sources from affiliate programs with referer-replacing client-side redirects.
    • Write sophisticated client-side javascript cloakers which use data returned by the TDS in JSONP and HTML format;
    • Write server-side cloakers using API;
    • And many, many more...
  • "Pay once" license for two different IPs. No monthly or yearly fees. Change the IPs at your will at any time in the client area of this site. No restrictions on domains (multiple domains for one TDS server is fine). Free upgrades for life.
  • Free trial with no strings attached. We encourage you to try before you buy. No registration, just get yourself a VPS, download the package, install it and test the TDS.

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