Login/password for demo TDS: boss:bossadmin

Rules are used to filter out your traffic precisely; there are quite a few of them. You may mix them and create some very bizzarre combinations of rules. In this example we will look onto a single OUT with all the posible rules enabled.

We use a scheme named "Rules demonstrator". Open this link in another tab. To see all the scheme properties click on change button in the rightmost column.

In the scheme properties we set IN Url to omg. All the traffic sent to http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/omg/ will be redirected to one of OUTs of this scheme.
We set Default OUT Url to http://www.bing.com/search?q=bosstds. If our single OUT rejects, the hit will be redirected to this Url.
We set Smart rotate OUTs for non-uniques to Off.
We set UTTL to 2 hours. If a user hits our scheme after two hours are passed, he is unique again.
We also set tracking (Uniques By) to Cookie.
Rest properties are left with default values.

We've added a single OUT Url. Click on OUT Urls button at the left of change button to see it.
In the OUT's properties we set Url to http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=bosstds, Mode to Sequential and tracking to Cookie.
Also we added a number of rules which will be discussed below.
This is our OUT. It accepts if:

  • Request query GET parameter named param1 DOES NOT match regular expression do.*want. (This regexp matches all strings which contain do followed by any characters followed by want. For example I do not want matches this regexp, I did not want does not match the regexp.) AND
  • The browser is either Firefox OR Internet Explorer AND it is standard Desktop browser AND the OS is either Windows OR Linux AND
  • Request DOES NOT contain HTTP Header Via (regexp .+ matches any string with 1 or more characters) AND
  • Request query GET parameter named param2 EQUAL to bossisthebest AND
  • The browser of visitor accepts cookies AND
  • Accept-Language HTTP Header DOES NOT contain locale records for German OR Arabic OR Spanish from Hoduras region AND
  • The IP of the client DOES NOT belong to Georgia (GE) AND
  • The IP of the client DOES NOT belong to subnet AND DOES NOT equal AND
  • The hit to this OUT is unique (not repeated) AND
  • Referer DOES NOT empty AND
  • No proxy detected

Click a few times on this link (http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/omg/), this (http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/omg/?param1=do%20not%20want) or this (http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/omg/?param1=did%20want&param2=bossisthebest) and see where you will be redirected to.

www.megastock.ru www.paypal.com www.paxum.com
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