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This is an example on how to mix sequential and weighted modes of traffic distribution.
Scenario: We have three CPC affiliate programs. The first one pays $2 for a hit, but it accepts unique hits only. After a hit was sent to the program, the IP of this visitor becomes non-unique for a hour. another two programs pay $1 for unique hits and $0.1 for non-unique ones. We want to maximize revenue: let's always send first hit to the first program and the rest hits to another two programs.

We use a scheme named "First hit predetermined". Open this link in another tab. To see all the scheme properties click on change button in the rightmost column.

In the scheme properties we set IN Url to demofirsthit. All the traffic sent to http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/demofirsthit/ will be redirected to one of OUTs of this scheme.
We set Default OUT Url to http://none.com. In this case this is just a placeholder value, it is never used as our OUTs will catch all the possible traffic.
We set Smart rotate OUTs for non-uniques to Weight OUTs Only (this is the default value). It makes corrections to algorythm of OUT selection so that non-unique visitors will be sent to the OUTs that this particular visitor, tracked by IP or Cookie, haven't been redirected to yet. If no non-visited OUTs left, the visitor will be sent to one of already visited OUTs.
For unique visitors (first hit) this property has no effect. It works from the second hit only.
We set UTTL to 1 hour. If a user hits our scheme after one hour is passed, he is unique again.
Rest properties are left with default values.

We've added three OUT Urls. Click on OUT Urls button at the left of change button to see them all. These are our target pages, each page is an affiliate program:

  • The first OUT is http://thesun.co.uk. We set its' Mode to Sequential.
    We added an Unique hits rule to this OUT, so that it will accept only first hits once a hour.
    This is the only sequential OUT, so it will be always tried first.
  • The second OUT is http://telegraph.co.uk. We set its' Mode to Weight and its' Weight to 6.0.
  • The third OUT is http://guardian.co.uk. We set its' Mode to Weight and its' Weight to 4.0.

The first hit will always be sent to the first (sequential) OUT. The second and the rest hits from the same IP will be rotated between two weight OUTs. When a hour passed, the user will be sent to the first OUT again.

Click a few times on this link (http://demotds.bosstds.com/in/demofirsthit/) and see where and how often you will be redirected to. Your first hit will be redirected to thesun.co.uk, and your rest hits will be rotated between telegraph.co.uk and guardian.co.uk.

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