Release 3.2.0 Beta Release 3.2.0 Beta - Debug mode for schemes and other changes

BossTDS version 3.2.0 Beta released.

- Debug mode for schemes. Now you can see which rule of which OUT rejects the hit. In debug mode instead of redirection your schemes would return html page with a lot of info about request, about OUTs and the rules.
To enable debug mode turn on the 'Debug' switch for a scheme and call the scheme with GET parameter bossdebug=1, for example . You can change 'bossdebug' to other name in the settings. After you finished debugging don't forget to turn the 'Debug' switch off. Debug mode takes more RAM and CPU, so don't benchmark your scheme when this mode is enabled. Also expect that the output of debug mode can be changed without any further notice, so don't parse it with scripts;
- 'Take referer from this GET parameter:' works better for internal redirects when 'Take referer from this GET parameter:' is not empty in second scheme. It used to work only for the first scheme, in subsequent schemes after internal redirects referer didn't change;
- Several internal changes.

If you upgrade from 2.x versions please read about incompatible changes.
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