Release 3.0.0 Beta Release 3.0.0 Beta - IPv6 support and multiple changes. PLEASE READ MORE ABOUT INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES BEFORE UPGRADING!

BossTDS version 3.0.0 Beta released.

- IPv6 support. You can use and see IPv6 addresses everywhere where you work with IPs in TDS, including IP Ranges rule, IP Lists and custom reports;
- TDS now uses GeoIP databases (City and Country) in geoip2 .mmdb format instead of legacy .dat format;
- GeoIP rule: regions now in ISO 3166-2 format instead of FIPS. These two formats are different and not compatible with each other. Also for countries which have two level division TDS will use both levels and each hit might have more than one region for these countries, including __GEOIP_REGION__ variable. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE!
- HTTP Header rule: you now can choose coparison operation - match, nomatch, equal, no equal instead of just matching by regexp;
- UserAgent rule: Added filter by OS versions. Added new OS: Chrome OS. New format of full OS name (includes version). Better detection of tablets, so that many devices which were detected as mobile now will be detected as tablet;
- Client checks rule: adblock detection;
- Referer rule: the 'android-app://' is now correctly parsed and can be used in this rule;
- Improved parsing of domains which contain unicode but which are not encoded with punycode in the DOMAIN filter;
- Client checks javascript rewritten;
- Bugfix: changing Cap while rocksdb is chosed used to crash the TDS. Now it works correctly;
- Some compatible changes to API. Some new fields added to some rules, and also for the rules which accept and return parameters in regexp, strval and numval fields you now can use a single field instead of all these variations - 'val'. Please read the pdf documentation if you use API;
- Some compatible changes to boss.config file format;
- Some internal changes.

Incompatible changes

- TDS DOES NOT WORK WITH LEGACY GEOIP DATABASES. The TDS now uses .mmdb geolocation databases. If you used to have your own GeoIP Legacy databases and used to upload them into the /opt/bosstds/deps/egeoip/priv/ directory now you need to download .mmdb (GeoIP2) versions and upload them to the /opt/bosstds/deps/geodata2/priv/ directory;
- REGIONS FILTERS SHOULD BE REMAKED. If you used filters by regions you have to remake them all. Instead of FIPS region codes TDS now uses ISO 3166-2 codes. You can use both short codes (CM for example) and with the country (ES-CM for example). Don't forget to change the lookup lists if they are used in filters y regions. Note that for teh states of USA FIPS and ISO codes are the same, so if you only filter by the US states you don't need to change anything;
- __GEOIP_REGION__ now can contain more than one region for the countries which have two-level administrative division in ISO 3166-2, such as GB or ES. When this variable contains two regions they will be shown as comma-separated list in the custom reports and in variables in Files;
- TDS now works with IPv6 addresses. There will be some IPs in IPv6 format in your custom reports even if the TDS listens on IPv4 address - such IPs will be extracted from x-forwarded-for header. So pay attention if you use some scripts to process the custom reports. Note that TDS automatically converts IPv4 mapped to IPv6 addresses back to IPv4;
- Much more devices are detected as 'tablet' instead of 'mobile'. So DON'T FORGET TO ADD tablet IN YOUR MOBILE RULES;
- In custom reports __OS_NAME__ now has different format for some OSes, with version number included.

Note on IPv6

By default TDs listens on IPv4 only, as it was in previous versions, so you can get IPV6 IPs only from the x-forwarded-for HTTP header. If you want to make the your TDS listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 edit the /opt/bosstds/boss.config file and change {address, ""} to {address, "::"}
Also pay attention to the settings and configs of nginx or apache if you use IPv6 enabled TDS behind reverse proxy
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