Release 4.7.0 Release 4.7.0 - Some improvements in Custom reports, Transformations and Filters

BossTDS version 4.7.0 released.

- code:// redirection now has lower priority than redirectirection type: File;
- New filters for variables - HEX_ENCODE, HEX_DECODE, BASE64_ENCODE, BASE64_DECODE, BASE64URL_ENCODE, BASE64URL_DECODE. These filters are applied to variables by the "|" operator - for example myvar|HEX_DECODE, and encode/decode content of the variable respectively to/from hexadecimal byte codes, Base64 or URL compatible Base64;
- Two new types of transformations - Encryption and Decryption, which allow you to use strong encryption for your variables. Encryption implements the following standards and algosithms:
  • Hash functions: md5, md4, sha, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, ripemd128
  • Cyphers with IV: aes_ige256, aes_128_cbc, aes_256_cbc, blowfish_cbc, rc2_cbc, aes_128_cfb128, aes_192_cfb128, aes_256_cfb128, aes_128_cfb8, aes_192_cfb8, aes_256_cfb8, blowfish_cfb64, des_cfb
  • Cyphers with no IV: aes_128_ecb, aes_192_ecb, aes_256_ecb, blowfish_ecb
  • Padding: 0 or pkcs7
Decryption decrypths the same cyphers.

These transformations are implemented as plugins now, so it is possible (in theory at last) for you to create your own transformations. Don't forget to use the encoding/deoding filters mentioned above before you store encrypted contents in for example Custom reports, as the result of the Encrypt transformation is binary data;
- Improvements in custom reports. It is now possible to page through the report in the interface of the TDS to the end regardless of the report size. Used to be possible to see only 1000 records and the rest was available only as a tab-separatd file for download;
- Improvements in custom reports. In the reports with the "Keep hit count" checked it is now possible to click on the count in the report and see the monthly statistics for this row. By default only the first 3Mb of each report file is scanned though, you can increase it in the settings, but do thhis carefully, as this might slow down report generation and is not of much use for the huge reports anyway. This feature is not optimized and the search is performed by scanning the files without using any indexed. 30 days in report - 30 files to scan through;
- In custom reports the "Keep hit count" checkbox is by default now turned on for new reports;
- Bugfix: it was impossible to load IP list data via API if teh IP List in the TDS was created without uploading a file;
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