Release 4.1.0 Release 4.1.0 - a new rule and an improvment of HTTP Header rule

BossTDS version 4.1.0 released.

- Improvement for the HTTP heder rule: it is possible now to look up the value in lookup lists;
- A new rule: Ask a Friend. This rule queries a given third party URL to decide if the hit should be accepted or rejected. Warning about this rule: it shouldn't be used as a substitute for the Dynamic OUTs feature as the Dynamic OUTs one queries third party pages asynchronously once in a given period of time, unlike the Ask a Friend which queries the URL on every hit. If you expect this rule to work more or less well you should ensure that the server with the page which gets queried is located near the server of your TDS (low pings and no packet loss) and that its' response time is as low as possible. Otherwise redirections will be performed very slowly and you'll lose traffic. Having a slow connection or long-running scripts is absolutely not acceptable. Usually you would want to attach some parameters of the current hit to the URL to allow the third party server making the decision, the URL field accepts standard curly braces substitutes, the list of available parameters could be seen in the Tools->Custom Reports templates->HINT.
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