Release 4.0.0 beta Release 4.0.0 beta - a lot of internal improvements related to performance under load

BossTDS version 4.0.0 beta released.

- A lot of internal changes related to performance under heavy load, especially in the case when all traffic goes to a single scheme which has a lot of OUTs.

Some notes:
- It is possible to downgrade the TDS back to the 3.x version if something happen to be broken in the 4.x beta. The only thing which would be lost in such downgrade is the statistics data collected in the 4.x version - some stats will be lost altogether, other will have a mix of old and new data;
- Changes to OUTs and Schemes are not immediate now, but delayed by a second after change of the scheme. If the scheme gets changed every 0.9 seconds then the changes won't come into effect at all until you let the scheme "rest" for a second or two. This is because changing schemes and OUTs is much more CPU- and RAM-intensive operation now, and as people often do many small consecutive changes for a scheme it is better to squash them all in one update. This feature is _not_ related to the durable storage of the schemes and OUTs - they are saved to the HDD immediatelly as it was before. For all realistic use cases this delay shouldn't change much (or change anything at all) in your day-to-day operations with the TDS. It might affect API users as API allows changing schemes very fast, so please have a look at your code calling the API and ensure that it does not change schemes and OUTs every second or so;
- This is early beta, many things are changed, errors are expected.
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