Release 3.7.3 Release 3.7.3 - Speedup 2-20 times, a couple of bugfixes and some changes to API

BossTDS version 3.7.3 released.

- Throughput of the TDS increased 2-20 times. This change should be particularly noticeable in the cases when the TDS is under heavy load (400 hits/sec or more), most of the traffic goes through the single scheme, with many OUTs in the scheme, no or few country filters on the OUTs, no limits by hour/day/total and no CIrcuit breaker rules on the OUTs;
- Admin actions and API actions log. To enable, add {admin_log_enabled, true}, in the boss.config, for example above the {dummy, true}. Instead of true you can use api - to enable logging for API calls only, web - to enable logging for actions in the web interface only and false - to disable logging (it's the default value);
- It is possible to change the 'BossTDS' caption in the guest reports to something else (configurable in the Settings);
- Changing settings via API;
- Bugfix: uniques by cookie didn't work for the FIle redirection type;
- Bugfix: CIDR ranges in IP ranges rule didn't work when used not in IP lists.
- API: method to get last value of ID for entities of the TDS.
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