Release 3.11.1 Release 3.11.1 - new type of variants lists and cumulative totals in reports by hours

BossTDS version 3.11.1 released.

- Now it is possible to view cumulative totals in reports by hours (click the green button);
- New type of variants lists - sequential ones. They are used in the same way as standard variants - in the transformation of type variant. The difference is that in this new mode TDS returns stings from the list one after another until the list is exhausted, then it would return empty stings.

If you want to use sequential variants it might be a good idea to use two schemes - the first one has a transformation which extracts value from the variants list and its' OUT passes it as GET-parameter to the second one via internal redirect. The second scheme tests if the GET parameter is empty and does something when it is empty - the list is exhausted. It is not possible to do this within the same scheme (stop on empty variant) as transformations create variables after the OUT already is chosen for redirect, not before.
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