Release 2.1.1 Release 2.1.1 - IP/proxy detection algorithm slightly changed; support for MaxMind GeoIP2 Anonymous IP; some other changes

BossTDS version 2.1.1 released.

- IP/proxy detection algorithm slightly changed. Overall everything should work the same way as before except certain corner cases. Please check if IP and proxy get detected as expected, especially in the case when you use API;
- Autodetect Cloudflare by the connecting IP. The 'Cloudflare' option in the Settings is no longer needed;
- Two new API methods;
- Support for MaxMind GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database;
- Bugfix related to the Proxy IP field in the Settings;
- IP source choice (Peer, Client, Either of the two, GET Parameter) for all the GeoIP2 and IP2Location rules.

The 2.x version should be stable now, except for some rare cases when it gets installed over the working 1.x version, as there was one single case when it didn't work after upgrade for the reason which is unknown yet. So 2.x.x is recommended for all the new installations now.
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