Release 2.0.5 beta Release 2.0.5 beta : major version number bump, multiple internal changes, please read the details

BossTDS version 2.0.5 beta released.

Major version number bump. Multiple internal changes but few new major features. If you decide to upgrade to this version we'd recommend to back up the /opt/bosstds/database directory, just in case.

- multiple libraries and frameworks used by the TDS updated to their latest versions, the changes are big;
- support of old Linux distros is dropped. Min. Debian version is 7 now, Ubuntu is 12.04, Centos is 5.11. It is still very likely that the TDS could be installed and run on older distros, but we can't test it any more;
- added experimental support for using RocksDB as backend for temporary data, such as IP Tracking, which on some hi-end configurations may slightly reduce latency spikes. This feature is optional and can be configured on the Settings page;
- added support for sending Custom Reports data to RabbitMQ and Kafka message brokers. This feature is configured on per-report base;
- a couple of new methods in API;
- the 'Circuit Breaker' rule is improved - added the 'Accept only' option and the rule itself is removed from the list of rules in 'GLobal filters';
- pnotify pop-up messages in web interface;
- multiple internal changes, translations and smallish bugfixes.

If you have 2.x.x installed and later decide to downgrade to the 1.x.x branch, stop the tds, copy the boss.config.old file over the boss.config, restore the database from backup (this step might or might not be needed) then install the 1.x.x version over the 2.x.x.
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