Release 1.7.1 Release 1.7.1 - API, dynamic OUTs improvements and more

BossTDS version 1.7.1 released.

- Extended API - Experimental feature, see documentation;
- Dynamic OUTs: now it is possible to use substitutions (with {{ }} syntax) in the received URLs;
- Dynamic OUTs: now it is possible to modify received URLs in the TDS itself as well (again, with {{ }} and {{{ }}} syntax), using new field in the Dynamic OUT properties;
- BUGFIX: sometimes Dynamic OUTs, received from 3rd party pages, failed to get enabled unless the URL got changed;
- Now it is possible to change Weight of OUTs inplace;
- BUGFIX: labels list in schemes editor was empty until any scheme got selected;
- HTTP Headers rule got autocomplete feature;
- Some internal changes and translation fixes;
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