Release 1.2.5 Release 1.2.5 - two new rules; improved device detection; new guest reports; BUGFIX: scheme rules got fixed;

BossTDS version 1.2.5 released

- Improved mobile devices detection
- Experimental feature: New rule - Client check. Checks if client supports js,flash, if the URL opened in a frame, checks dimensions of the viewport. This rule does additional redirect and runs javascript code in the client browser. Read documentation (green question sign help) before using this rule. This feature considered as 'beta', please report devices and browsers where this rule does not work.
- Improved uniques rule
- New rule - Sequence of hits. Allows checking if the non-unique visitor already hit any/all OUTs of the given list, for OUTs in the same scheme only.
- Guest reports for both OUTs and Schemes have been signifficantly reworked and improved.
- New setting - Proxy IP. Useful for some reverse proxy cascades when the TDS cannot distinguish your own proxy from a 'wild' proxy. This setting can be left blank in most configurations.
- BUGFIX : Fixed rules assigned to schemes
- Numerous small tweaks and fixes
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