Release 1.2.10 Release 1.2.10 - Flash redirects

BossTDS version 1.2.10 released

- Flash redirects. Real flash, without javascript. The target URL gets injected into .swf file on the fly without recompiling. Actually, there are not one but two types of flash redirects in the TDS: one when TDS returns just a bare .swf file with URL embedded into it and another, when TDS returns HTML page with object tag with the redirecting flash file assigned to the src attribute of the tag. There are three default .swf redirects - first redirects immediatelly, second with 0.3 sec delay and third when user moves a mouse over the flash file. You can add your own flash redirects - a few example AS3 files and a shell script to compile the files are included.
- GeoIP and Cellular operators databases have been updated to the latest versions;
- Some minor fixes and tweaks
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