Release 1.2.1 Release 1.2.1 - filter by J2ME MIDP, mass add, interface changes and more

BossTDS version 1.2.1 released

- some changes to the database structure. The TDS should upgrade the database automatically, but you might want to backup the DB (copy '/opt/bosstds/Database' directory) prior to upgrading to this version, just in case;
- new rule - J2ME MIDP. Allows you to accept only the devices which support J2ME MIDP standard;
- some interface changes in OUTs and Scheme editors which hopefully will make it a bit easier to work with the TDS;
- 'Mass Add' button for Weight OUTs - it allows you to create multiple OUTs with the same properties in bulk by providing just a list of URLs;
- Removed features which mislead people: Forces for sequential OUTs and 'Rotate Sequential OUTs for non-uniques';
- Some other little changes and tweaks, mostly cosmetical, which do not deserve special mention
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