Release 1.18.2 Release 1.18.2 - partial support of IP2Location, new API, limits hits/second, screen size check in client checks, names of columns in custom reports and more

BossTDS version 1.18.2 released.

- Experimental support for paid IP2Location geolocation databases. TDS works with IP2Location databases in binary format. At the moment for special IP2Location rules only, countries, regions and cities are always detected using MaxMind GeoIP databases. Also added new related variables for custom reports.
- API for manipulations of schemes;
- Max. hits/second limit for OUTs. This limit is a soft limit, the real number of hits sent will be usually 10-100% higher due to asynchronous mode of counting. This means that you shouldn't use this option for tasks such as 'send N hits to this OUT, and no more', but only for throttling traffic when your target sites can't cope with the load;
- Client checks rule allows checking screen resulution. Also added new related variables for custom reports;
- Option to output column headers in TSV files of Custom Reports. Web-interface only. Can be enabled in the Settings of the TDS;
- Geolocation settings moved from Settings to another window;
- Customizable ulimit, from flimit file. Most likely you wouldn't need to change it though.

Overall, quite a few of internal changes, so upgrade with caution until all bugs get polished.
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