Release 1.16.0 Release 1.16.0 - improved reports, search schemes by text and a few small bugfixes

BossTDS version 1.16.0 released.

- It is possible now to filter Schemes by more than one label and to further filter them by text;
- It is posible to pick dates interval in Reporta by OUTs and Schemes, instead of hardcoded 30 days
- It is possible now to recalculate totals of damaged reports from daily data (added in 1.5.2);
- Bugfix: it is possible to use the __PEER_IP__ and __CLIENT_IP__ parameters in Files again (fixed in 1.5.3);
- Bugfix: displaying cellular operators for 3G/GPRS rule (fixed in 1.5.3);
- Bugfix: IP rages filter with 'IP: from GET parameter' always looked for IP in the parameter named 'ip'.
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