Release 1.15.0 - autoimport IPs in IP Lists, changes in bSeolized. If you've been already using bSeolized with the TDS, please read the details

BossTDS version 1.15.0 released.

- Improved IP Lists. Now it is possible to autoimport data every N hours in the IP Lists from bSeolized, i-BlockList or from any other external data source, which publishes IP and ranges in text document on the Internet.
- bSeolized settings moved from the Settings dialog to the properties of IP Lists. Choose the 'auto, from bSeolized' as the Mode parameter.
- some internal fixes and changes

If you've been already using import from bSeolized, all you settings should be automatically converted into properties of the IP List by the upgrade process. But just in case, check manually if everything is ok after the upgrade.
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