Release 1.14.1 Release 1.14.1 - import of IPs from bSeolized, new API metods and more

BossTDS version 1.14.1 released.

- Support for importing bots IP List from bSeolized service;
- Dynamic OUTs reworked internally;
- Scan4You algo changed to polling one;
- Creation of empty IP Lists is allowed now;
- Bugfix in reports - exception in the reports on Default OUT;
- A few new API methods. See documentation;
- Forces and Transforms reworked internally;
- Some other internal changes.

More about bSeolized:
To import IPs from this service you need to create an empty IP List, then go to the Settings and in the section 'bSeolized' input your bSeolized token, choose the IP List you've just created and check the checkbox 'enabled'. The TDS will download new data from bSeolized every N hours, overwriting the old one. You may use this IP List in the rules of the 'IP ranges' type.
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