Release 1.13.0 Release 1.13.0 - Hola VPN detect, improved guest reports, bugfix for variants list and more

BossTDS version 1.13.0 released.

- Improved IP/Subnets rule: now it is possible to extract IP from GET parameter
- Detection of Hola VPN in the Client Check rule. The TDS can not detect if the VPN is running or not; it just detects if the VPN plugin is installed in the browser or not.
- In the OUTs properties default value of 'Track uniques by' parameter is [As in Scheme] now - it means that tracking in the OUT will be the same as of the Scheme itself - usually you'd want to have this working exactly like that
- Guest reports got improved. Read more below.
- BUGFIX: fixed bug with indexes in Variants Lists, which corrupted the lists which have the length of more than 64Kb.
- Internal database of cellular operators got updated
- Timezones database got updated
- Schemes in the interface are now grouped by their Labels
- Some minor changes and fixes

More on guest reports changes:

- BUGFIX: guest reports were supposed to get updated every 15 minutes to reduce the load on the TDS. It didn't work. Now it got fixed and the reports will be updated with frequency of once in 15 minutes, so don't be surprised when you see no changes in the reports. Just wait for a while.
- Now it is possible to set visibility to the Scheme and all the OUTs of the scheme in one place - in the Scheme properties. If the 'Also grant access to OUTs stats' checkbox is checked, it will be impossible to set password and time for each OUT, only the settings of the scheme would work for both the scheme and the OUTs. After you check this checkbox it will be possible to see the list of all the OUTs of the Scheme in the public reports - 'OUTs...' link in the right part of the reports by Scheme. See above about the 15 minutes lag though, the button might not appear for 15 minutes if you have already generated a report with 'Also grant access to OUTs stats' off.
- It is possible to generate guest reports in multiple languages - 'en' and 'ru' at the moment. To do this, append ?lang=ru or ?lang=en to the URL of the report. You can set default language (the one which will be used when there's no 'lang' paremeter in the URL) in the settings of the TDS. By default it is 'en'.
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