Release 1.12.1 Release 1.12.1 - Names for OUTs, Improved handling of database errors, Bugfix

BossTDS version 1.12.1 released.

- Names for OUTs. The names could be used in the Reports interface and in Custom reports as a __OUT_NAME__ field. If you want to show the names instead of URLs in the Reports interface you would have to modify 'OUTs in reports' setting in the Settings dialof of the TDS;
- Improved handling of some database errors for uniques and reports data. Old behaviour: crash of the TDS; new behaviour: delete old data and continue. The rationale is that you will have to delete the bad data anyway to be able to start the TDS again after it got crashed, and the data which gets deleted is not vital for the correct redirection anyway;
- Some translation fixes;
- BUGFIX: Global filters were broken in the last versions.
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