Release 1.10.1 Release 1.10.1 - filtering browsers by versions; multireports; client timezone checks, extended API changes and more

BossTDS version 1.10.1 released.

- Multireports - to create combined (summary) reports for multiple schemes;
- New sub-rule for Client Checks: checking if client's Local Time matches Local Time of client's GeoIP timezone. There's also couple of related settings in the Settings dialog now;
- New sub-rule for Browser/OS (Useragent) rule: checking browser with version. For example, "opera >= 16.2.721, 7 < ie <= 11.0, chrome ^ 4." - means Opera browser but only with version greater than 16.2.721 OR Internet Exporer but only when version is greater than 7 and less or equal to 11.0 OR chrome when its' version string starts with 4.;
- New parameters for custom reports - __BROWSER_VSN__, __GEOIP_TZID__, __CLIENT_TIME_MATCHES__, __CLIENT_TIME__;
- Added extended API for Variants lists uploading;
- BUGFIX: detailed reports by Default OUT were broken in v. 1.9;
- Improved detection of browsers' features, such as versions, mobile etc;
- Added Yandex Browser to the list of known browsers. It used to get detected as Chrome before, so check your rules if you are interested in Yandex Browser traffic;
- Changed hour numeration in reports from [1..24] to [00:00-01:00 .. 23:00-24:00] to get rid of ambiguity;
- Some small fixes and improvements.
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