Release 1.1.18 Release 1.1.18 - filter by 3G connections, Global/Scheme rules and more

BossTDS version 1.1.18 released

Global and per-Scheme rules and transformations, to simplify the case when all the OUTs have the same rule or transformation. For example, if all the OUTs of a Scheme have the same rule you might move this rule to the rules of the scheme, so that you set this rule up only once.
Filter by 3G connection and cellular carriers - split traffic by 3G and WiFi, optionally - by the exact cellular carrier(s). The filter is performed by the known cellular carriers IP ranges. Optimized and works fast.
New parameters for extended reports (some 3G data, see hint in the reports editor)
New features in browser locale and GET Param filters - "not matches" rule in the GET Param filter and "primary locale only" in the locale filter. The latter is handy when you filter by the 'en' locale, as it presents in almost all browsers regardless of the user language.
Smart rotation setting in Scheme settings is now more clear - a dropdown box has been split into two checkboxes
Move some settings from boss.config to the Settings dialog in the control panel
Translation fixes
Internal tweaks
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