Release 1.1.14 Release 1.1.14 - IP lists, 'Random' transform and more

BossTDS version 1.1.14 released

- - Added IP/IP range lists for OUTs IP filter. The lists suppost fast (faster than linear search) IP/IP range lookup, it is recommended to use them if you filter on more than a handful IPs/IP ranges. Also useful if you want to change your lists in one place for all OUTs which used this particular set of IP/IP ranges.
- New data on memory in system info, for debug purposes in memory-tight environments.
- New transformation - 'Random', which puts random alphanumerical string of given size into a variable. If you ever wanted to randomize a part of your OUT URL (usually one of its' GET parameters) - this is for you.
- BUGFIX : GET parameters of internal redirects didn't pass through. boss://schemeinurl/?param=value - now you can access the 'param' in the scheme you redirect to.
- Other insignificant changes
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