Release 1.1.12 Release 1.1.12 - API, reset of stats data and more. Read the full description.

BossTDS version 1.1.12 released

- Changes in IP filter and IP detection algo
- Statistics can be reset now - ATM for the whole scheme including all its' OUTs
- Some additional statistics in reports (this hour/previous hour stats)
- Experimental feature: API for accessing TDS from your own scripts. If you upgrade from previous version you will have to make changes in boss.config to make it work. PHP and Python classes (with examples) located in priv/scripts/ directory.
- A new type of redirect - javascript link click
- Extended reports now take slightly less RAM and disk space, should be faster too
- Some minor changes to code and interface

ATTN: if you upgrade old installation and plan to use API you need to make the following changes in the boss.config file, located in /opt/bosstds/:
Find a row
{cowboy_routes, [{"/in/[...]", bosstds_reqproc, [{'_', {bosstds_reqproc, '_'}}]}]},
Replace it with: {cowboy_routes, [{"/in/[...]", bosstds_reqproc, [{'_', {bosstds_reqproc, '_'}}]}, {"/api/[...]", bosstds_apireqproc, [{'_', {bosstds_apireqproc, '_'}}]}, {"/stat/[...]", bosstds_statapireqproc, [{'_', {bosstds_statapireqproc, '_'}}]}]},

Your API key is located in the Tools->Settings menu.
API allows you to use the TDS from your own scripts, passing through all HTTP headers of the current connection. You have to urlencode GET parameters manually, if there are any. When you call the API your IN URLs will be like /api/inurl/ instead of standard /in/inurl/. Call to the API from a browser or with a wrong API key will result in 403 Forbidden reply.
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