New, simplified installation procedure New, simplified installation procedure to make installation of the TDS easier

While installation was easy enough on Debian 7 or new Ubuntu, on some other distros it was quite challenging for those who don't have enough experience with Linux console. The reason was outdated or absent Erlang on Centos and older Debian and Ubuntu.
It took some time to get around and do everyhing right, but finally we have installation packages with bundled in Erlang for the most popular Linux server distros: Centos 5.1 or newer, Debian 6 or newer and Ubuntu 10.04 or newer. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported. Now all you have to do on a new server is to execute two commands: download the right package with wget and install it with package manager (rpm or dpkg). We tested this procedure with the every available Centos, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu versions on DigitalOcean droplets and with some distros on our own servers as well.

For those who prefer to have it old way, we keep old installation procedure with classic packages.
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